ICNC invites you to submit proposals for our new Rapid Field Research and Data Collection Program, which offers a support grant in the amount of up to $2,500 for an individual or an organization to conduct rapid field research, data collection, and analysis on a specific ongoing or recently ended a nonviolent campaign or movement.

This ICNC grant opportunity has a rolling application process and interested applicants can submit their proposals at any time during the year.  It usually takes up to 4 weeks for ICNC to review a submitted application and get back to an applicant with a decision, though a longer review period is also possible depending on the ICNC staff schedule or how complex the proposal is that might necessitate a review by ICNC external collaborators.

ICNC is interested in civil resistance campaigns and movements, which are understood as sustained collective efforts (that may be local, regional, or national) in which ordinary people engage in nonviolent tactics (such as strikes, boycotts, demonstrations, acts of noncooperation, and building alternative institution) to achieve demands related to human rights, freedom, or justice. 

Relevant campaigns and movements may have succeeded, failed, or still be in the middle of their struggle. The larger and/or more impactful the campaign or movement, the more interested ICNC is in its discovery.  However, in highly repressive political environments, even small campaigns and movements may be very notable and are of interest.

More about the grant, its requirements, criteria for selection and a schedule for deliverables go to the ICNC webpage